The End.

As we all sit enclosed by our four walls, stirring, sitting, sleeping, and just being, it’s hard to just BE in times like this. The world feels scary, uncomfortable and overwhelming all at the same time, all over something we can’t see or touch.

Never in my lifetime has the world felt something at the same time, and although it’s trying times, there’s something about us all feeling the same pain. I’ve witnessed people coming together, offering support, a helping hand and more. To think of all the helpers out there braving the germs to delivery groceries, dinner, meds and more helps me realize there’s more good in the world that I thought.

My LOVE especially goes out to all the Health Care workers who are warriors going into battle everyday to heal and save!

Sure, there’s horror stories and things on the news that make the situation seem infinitely worse, but the good and uplifting news somehow engulfs the negativity. I didn’t realize at first that I was allowing all the bad bits in until I suffered a debilitating panic attack that put me down for a good while. As someone that already deals with mild anxiety, this new ramped up feeling of panic took me over in ways I didn’t know was possible.

I hit my limit and I hit it hard.

Normally, being ashamed of my shortcomings, I embrace this. I know I’m not the only one feeling the same thing, I know that this too shall pass eventually, and I also know that whatever happens it will be OK.

It’s time to let go of our fears, insecurities, anger and everything other emotion or feeling that does nothing but give grief. For me, it was the fear of dying, of being sick and taken away from my family and never having the chance to be with them again, should I get too ill. To be afraid of something that we can’t see, that’s so unpredictable, gives our brains something to latch on to. It’s a very real fear but I can’t sit around and act a if it’s already happened.

To end the cycle I took my power back. I reclaimed my breathe as my own and no longer gave it over to the attack. What power I feed is what will ultimately determine my path, but only if I give in to it.

In the midst of my attack, I thought of all the powerful women out there who face fears everyday. Yes, Bethany Hamilton from Soul Surfer is at the top of my list! This woman chooses to go back to the place where her life was forever changed, not to embrace the fear, but to overcome it. My lack of breath from anxiety reminded me that she chooses to go out there and potentially get rolled over in a wave and probably feels that need to breathe more times than I can count.

Also, those Viking Warriors, not the men, the women. They battled in war alongside their partners, brothers, and fathers and didn’t stop to focus on whether or not anxiety would hold them back. They ran into battle knowing their fate could very well be death and they did it anyway. Ok, the end was Valhalla for them and that salvation was accepted readily.

It’s hard to get past the thoughts that keep you down, hold you in place or keep you from moving forward, even if we can’t physically go very far at the moment. But, the peace that comes from letting go is a blessing!

Pick up a new hobby, or read that book you’ve had on the shelf for a while to get your mind off of what’s happening in the world. Tune in for information but keep it to a minimum!

It’s time to end the panic, the anxiety and let go. We’re all dealing with a strange thing here, one that we’ve never had to worry about. This is worldwide and whatever it is that you’re feeling, it’s OK! Breathe and remind yourself of the warrior within.

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