So Here I Am by Anna Russell – #BOOKREVIEW #NEWRELEASE

Thank you to Netgalley, Anna Russell and Quarto Publishing Group – White Lion Publishing for the ARC!

So this one….Let me start by saying that I was in need of some true female empowerment when I found this book and I definitely found it!

Lately I’ve needed to find inspiration again in the world, in myself to seek it out and prove that it still exists within me. The world is a tough place and this life is not an easy one to navigate, but there are voices so loud time does not stifle them, voices we must listen to in order to find our way again.

This is a quick read with colorful, beautiful illustrations of some of world’s most influential women! It’s a must-read, for sure!

Which speeches inspired you?


Discover the inspiring voices that have changed our world, and started a new conversation.  
The first dedicated collection of seminal speeches by women from around the world, So Here I Am is about women at the forefront of change – within politics, science, human rights and media; discussing everything from free love, anti-war, scientific discoveries, race, gender and women’s rights.

From Emmeline Pankhurst’s ‘Freedom or Death’ speech and Marie Curie’s trailblazing Nobel lecture, to Michelle Obama speaking on parenthood in politics and Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza’s stirring ode to black women, the words collected here are empowering, engaging and inspiring. 

With powerful illustrations from Camila Pinheiro, this anthology of outspoken women throughout history is essential reading for anyone who believes that change is not only possible, it is necessary. 

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