The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook Holistic Healing Rituals for Every Day and Season by Sarah Kucera

A Big thank you to Netgalley, Sarah Kucera, and The Experiment for the ARC of this fabulous handbook!

Healing comes in many forms and what works for one will not always work for another, except when you get back to whole-body healing. The mind, body and emotional being has to be all in sync for our internal machines to work properly. The cogs and gears won’t maintain themselves.

This wonderful book covers everything you would need to know to obtain the best health possible. Not only does it offer in-depth explanations but it does so in a way that helps you to understand every layer of Ayurvedic Healing.


A comprehensive guide to Ayurvedic rituals, offering simple ways to sync the body’s circadian clock with nature

Feeling burned out, unmotivated, or stuck? The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook is here to help. This authoritative guide to ancient healing will introduce you to the role that ritual plays in overall health, and reveal how reconnecting our internal rhythms to nature’s cycles can create physical and emotional balance.

Whether you’re looking for a way to boost and stabilize your energy levels, overcome the trials of transitions (from life or seasonal shifts), or prevent and heal disease, you’ll find a solution in one of the more than 100 simple rituals that give structure and space to your day. Plus, reflective prompts for “self-study” (a key Ayurvedic principle) and sample journal pages provide templates for creating rituals with enough time for focus, play, and rest alike.

Syncing with nature’s rhythms—and discovering your own potential to feel good in body, mind, and spirit—has never been more rejuvenating.

About Sarah

I am a doctor, teacher, mover and health sleuth. My long lasting love of movement and health coupled with my formal education in chiropractic, yoga and ayurveda has given me unique perspective on life’s imbalances that we experience in our body or mind.

It’s both interesting and important to me that everyone can likely feel better than they do right now. This is especially true when we resist identifying health based on an age or diagnosis, but our happiness and well-being.

Of course, this takes a little work. To work with me means you’ll be working with someone who is invested in you and your health. Together we’ll find and treat the causes of your current or potential imbalance. 

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