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A Little Bit of Everything

With three teens, husband, and pup, and work, finding time to recharge isn’t easy, but it’s needed! This is why I love to share new ideas, projects and ways to unwind with you!

I enjoy reading in spare time – hence all the reviews! But there’s more to me than just that! I love to crochet, create, cook, meditate and practice Yoga too!

In my professional life, I’m a Freelancer/Consultant specializing in CRM Development, Customer Service Management and Training, Shopify 3rd Party Technical Support Engineer and Social Media Marketing integrations and set up.

I’ve been working from home for the last 5 years and haven’t looked back. It’s definitely a lifestyle you have to get used to and isn’t necessarily for everyone, but for those that are looking for a change and want to take control of their schedule…it’s worth looking in to.

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