Mask or No Mask? That is the Question

Personally, I don’t quite understand the push back to not wear a mask when out in public or when you’re close to others outside your own household. It’s not as if you’re being asked to wear it all day, even while in your own home, or even while outside as long as you’re 6 feet apart. I guess it’s not too shocking to learn that even back in 1918 when they were asked to wear masks to protest them from the Spanish Flu, that some resisted.

If history is any indication first we learn that a lot of people die when we don’t follow instructions and two, those who did wear a mask and survive the great pandemic, did not go on to wear masks for the duration of their lives. Have you seen a lot of people wearing masks over the years in fears of the Spanish Flu? No. That means that eventually they led normal lives without masks.

Next, I feel it’s important to mention that at some point in history we were also told that we would have to wear shoes and a shirt if we wanted service in MOST, if not ALL businesses in the US. Of course, at Walmart, the dress code is questionable and I guess somewhat under interpretation, but you get the point. Was everyone mad and throwing fits if they tried to shop barefoot?

If you’re not worried about your own health, can you wear one for all the people who might not be able to survive this disease? Just for those moments where you’re interacting with others outside of your home? I’m not into debating but I am curious to know what exactly the arguments are for not wearing one!

For those looking for some more information, check out this new release coming up

First, Wear a Face Mask by Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr.

A Doctor’s Guide to Reducing Risk of Infection During the Pandemic and Beyond


Stay safe and stay calm. A New York University microbiologist gives you the knowledge you need to protect yourself from COVID-19 and other common infectious diseases.

With the spread of COVID-19, the world has never felt less safe. And with so much advice out there, it’s hard to know whether you’re taking the right precautions to stay safe. Don’t panic: there are simple steps you can take to best protect yourself from infection.

Professor of microbiology and pathology at NYU School of Medicine Dr. Philip M. Tierno Jr. cuts through the noise with to-the-point explanations, checklists, and best practices in this brief yet authoritative guide to protecting yourself from infectious diseases. First walking you through what germs are and how every infection happens, First, Wear a Face Mask offers calming, straightforward advice to address the ongoing spread of COVID-19 as well as the germs that imperil us every year.

This practical approach will give you peace of mind as it helps you learn how to protect yourself in a variety of scenarios, from cooking at home to eating out, from your everyday commute to air travel. With tips and tidbits of history, he guides you through taking care of your home, kids, and pets. Dr. Tierno has more than 40 years of experience in the clinical and medical microbiology fields and recently appeared as an expert during the pandemic on CNN in conversation with Chris Cuomo and on Doctor Radio. And in this book, he distills his wide-ranging knowledge into actionable, digestible steps.

Although there is no impenetrable shield to infection, there’s a lot you can do to increase your odds of staying safe. Arm yourself with knowledge, keep calm and carry hand sanitizer.

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