The Missing by Daisy Pearce – Book Review


A missing girl. A loving mother who never gave up. A betrayed wife who doesn’t know who to trust.

Teenager Edie Hudson was nobody’s little darling, which made vanishing all too easy. Two decades later, she’s been forgotten by everyone except her mother, Samantha.

And the person who knows what happened to her.

Samantha has had a long time to remember, and to regret. Having seen how little her daughter mattered to the community in the months following her disappearance, she wonders if Edie was lost before she was even gone. Or was it guilt, not indifference, that made the locals turn a blind eye? When she meets Frances, she at last starts to hope for answers.

Because Frances is obsessed with the mystery too, after finding a photo of her husband with the girl who disappeared.

What really happened all those years ago? And just how dangerous could it be to find out?

My Review

I read this one first and it had me hooked on Daisy’s writing that had to pick up her previous work! I’m currently biting my nails, hoping and waiting for an announcement of something new by her!

There’s a lot going on in this story but it all surrounds Edie, a broken young girl who disappeared without a trace and without anyone but her mother to look for her, there’s not much hope of her being found. Throwing innocent Frances into the mix because of a simple photograph stirs something up in Samantha (Edie’s Mother). Desperate to find answers and with one person finally on her side, they set out to uncover what happened to Edie.

What they find is shocking on so many levels. I didn’t see the twist coming until it was already revealed which I totally enjoyed!

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