Crystal Vibrations – Book Review

Crystal ZodiacCrystal Zodiac

Crystal Zodiac by Katie Huang

An Astrological Guide to Enhancing Your Life with Crystals


For anyone new to the benefits of crystal healing and astrology, or for those who have been practicing for years, Crystal Zodiac breaks down their practical, easy-to-use applications, showing how they powerfully work together to prioritize personal growth and mindfulness in the day-to-day. Readers will learn which crystals to use for their zodiac signs and major planetary placements in their natal charts, how these placements critically impact different areas of their lives, and customized rituals to harness and utilize the energy of each sign.   
By understanding the best crystals to use for their astrological profile, readers will become more attuned to their own—and others’—communication styles, emotional needs, and love languages, gaining all the tools they need to form or enrich a wellness routine that feels tailor-made for them.

Crystal ZodiacCrystal Zodiac

My Review

By now we’ve proven crystals hold a magic power, but to what extent I don’t think we quite know yet. Pairing crystals with the zodiac signs is genius and something I never thought of. by harnessing the energy, who knows what vibrations and frequency you’ll emit!

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