The Lucky Ones by Kiersten Modglin

They were supposed to die.

Five years ago, the residents of the Gerbera subdivision in the small town of Fallen Oaks were brutally murdered in their beds. The only survivors, now called The Fallen Oaks Five, were children—practically strangers at the time, forever connected by the weight of all they witnessed.

Now grown, the anniversary of their families’ deaths approaches and the Fallen Oaks Five receive letters of warning: the killers are still out there and they aren’t finished with them.

In a race against time and murderers who remain both faceless and nameless, the Five must return to their old homes in order to piece together the events of a night they’d all rather forget. Their old town is riddled with secrets, and every person they come into contact with is a suspect. With everything at stake, can the Five solve the mystery and finally learn the truth about the night that cost them everything? Or will they find themselves victims of a fate they should’ve succumbed to years ago?

My Review

I’m reading through Kiersten’s books faster than I keep up with the reviews! I can’t seem to get enough of her story-telling and her unique way to unfold a story so perfectly than you can’t believe she was able to keep the juicy bits a secret.

This one was no different, The Lucky Ones not only provided the twists and turns I expected but left me wondering if what I thought what happened was really that. The twists were so good, scratching my head in confusion is the only thing I can do. She managed to keep me wondering in the best way!

I can’t giveaway too much other than, the mystery surrounding the massacre is not what it seems and the kids will get to the bottom of it, but do some or all of the five know more than they’re letting on? Are they keeping secrets from each other that will ultimately lead to death? You’ll have to read to find out!

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