Feeling the Stress? Learn How to Manage it


It’s a tough time to feel good but there are ways to enhance your mood even if you’re looking at the same four ways everyday!

Sleep disturbances can be the worst. For me, I’ve been falling asleep OK, but often wake up in the middle of the night thinking of everything that I need to do, that was done and all in-between. Lack of sleep can get to you after just a few days, affecting your mood and more, which is why it’s important to tackle this issue before it gets out of hand. Before you know it, you’ve been missing a good nights sleep for weeks and need the intervention!

A lot of people’s first thought it turn to meds, whether over the counter or not, they can be dangerous and cause other issues that are far worse than loosing some Zs.

Stress alone can cause lasting damage and while most of us think it’s something that can’t be controlled, it’s quite the opposite. By managing our breathing, focusing on the breath and how the body responds can be an instant stress-reliever. If you’re stuck at a desk or in front of the computer for most of the day, counteracting the effects of stress can be done by reminding yourself to stand up several times a day. Get outside for a walk or exercise at home. You’d be surprised how great you feel afterwards.

  • Sticking to a routine can go a long way as well! You may not realize it but keeping to a schedule whether you’re working or not, keeps the my busy. If you’re wondering what to do, pick up a new hobby, read, or clean a little! I’ve seen one too many TikTok videos to inspire me into an organizing frenzy! Once you get started it’s hard to stop and before you know it you’ll have your fridge organized by color and the pantry by price or something crazy.

  • Check in with yourself while navigating this hard time. It’s OK to stop and take a break, do something for yourself. Most importantly, realize when you’re tired or need a break, or if you just feel full of emotion, cry, talk, or journaling are all ways to release. I, myself, take to the mat and do a little Yoga and breathe work to get right again. For some exercise of another sort may be more enticing, do that!

  • Keep away from social media. Now is not the time to tune into to social at all! I tried and can only take it in bursts as it’s become more than just the cute photo of a puppy, or your friend out at a concert, it’s so much more. I don’t think we should totally tune out to what’s happening, what the news, read the paper if that’s your thing but social is another beast all it’s own and when you get going, it can totally impossible to put the phone down.

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