The Mother-in-Law by Kiersten Modglin – BOOKREVIEW

The Mother-in-Law by Kiersten ModglinThe Mother-in-Law by Kiersten Modglin

There’s something strange about Loren’s new mother-in-law…

When Loren meets Jack, she’s sure he’s the man she’s been waiting for—a perfect husband and a father for her young daughter. Shortly after their wedding, their plans to start a life together are put on hold when the couple receives word that Jack’s father has died.

In an effort to appease her new husband, Loren invites her mother-in-law, Coralee, to stay with them while she grieves. When strange things begin to occur just after her arrival, Loren questions how much she knows about the woman she invited into her home.

One calculated move after the next, Coralee attempts to drive a wedge between Loren and her new husband. Jack believes his mother’s strange behavior is just further proof she needs their help, but Loren isn’t so sure. As Coralee’s actions become increasingly sinister, Loren is pushed to her breaking point and she realizes she must do whatever it takes to get rid of her mother-in-law for good.

What she doesn’t know about her new family could kill her…

My Review

LOVED! Not only was Loren completely lovable, although a slight push-over and people pleaser, but her mother-in-law, Coralee was equally diabolical with ulterior motives and secrets all her own.

A quick read that kept me going back to it every time I had a free moment to get another hit. Aside from the story playing out at an even pace, the mystery was held until the end and I swear I couldn’t guess what it was! Never having seen it coming, I honestly thought Coralee was just a cranky old woman who was losing her mind and her manners. Understanding her motives and reasoning didn’t make sense which I think it part of the reason I had to keep reading. I needed to figure out why this woman would behave in such a way that would harm her son’s new bride and daughter.

Like really… who does that?

Overall, I absolutely loved it and because I was enthralled by the end, I quickly had to pick up something else by Kiersten Modglin for my next read!

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