Want to Sell Online? Find Out the Easiest Way to Start?

Selling Online using shopifySelling Online using shopify

Once we were all stuck inside, merchants were learning new ways to bring their goods or services to buyers and one way that seems to work easily enough for most users is Shopify. Having worked with the platform for the last 7 years or so, I have to say that I’m partial to it like others. I do use Squarespace for my blog but that’s because I’m not heavily selling goods.


With the built in tools to help you get started or migrated over from your current system you can use their Customer or Product Import Tools, you’ll have everything imported and ready to sell in no time. For those with orders in another system, you can alway import your orders to keep them all in one place by using a third-party app easily installed from the Shopify App Marketplace. There’s much to be said for the features that are constantly being updated only to make your experience as the seller easily and understandable. Not only that but if your customer’s experience was less than desirable, of course that would reflect badly on not only you, but them as well. For that and other reasons, I feel they’re on top of their game when it comes to online selling.

Once you’ve started you’re full-service 14-day FREE trial, you can get started adding your details including products, shipping details and more. You’ll have fun designing your new site with one of their free themes. If you wanted to get fancy, paying for a more advanced design can be done too! There’s a lot of features, some that might work for your company, while others may not. Find out what best fits your taste or brand and go for it!



I work with developers who create the 3-party apps by managing the customer service side of things and writing the technical documentation to help merchant’s understand how to use the systems and integrate the app with their store. Not only do I get to work with customers, but I get to feel like a detective sorting through the clues to find the errors and how then how to solve them!

Aside from that, I also act as a consultant for start-ups or companies looking to build an online store or ticket program like Zendesk. I specialize in design, SEO, social media and email marketing, and migrating your store to Shopify so that you can get selling quickly.

If you’re wondering how to sell and want to get started, you have nothing to lose by signing up and checking it out. Even if you make goods and aren’t sure what do with your inventory, this is a great way to share them with friends and family who might be interested in purchasing. Trust me, as a crocheter, I often have a stash of products that I don’t know what to do with until the holidays roll around.

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