The Healing Guide to Flower Essences by Alena Hennessy

The Healing Guide to Flower Essences by Alena HennessyThe Healing Guide to Flower Essences by Alena Hennessy


The Healing Guide to Flower Essences shows you how to connect with the magic and frequency of 100 flower essences.

The power of Nature to heal has been accepted for many millennia. Flowers inspire us with their beauty, beguile us with their fragrance, and can have medicinal properties in their oils and plant matter. However, the healing properties of flowers go even deeper. Each flower holds a unique energetic fingerprint or essence that can be used for healing, wellness, and self-discovery. 

Organized by categories such as transformation, inspiration, boundaries, and self-esteem, you will be able to easily find the right remedy for your wellness and self-discovery. For example, you can use Larch for overcoming doubt and insecurity, Gentian for perseverance and optimism after a setback or Cherry Plum for surrender and trust in one’s soul path.You’ll also learn about the history of flower essences and the original 38 Bach flower remedies. Learn how to connect more deeply with the properties and messages of the flowers by making your own flower essence remedies. Written by noted artist, Alena Hennessy, The Healing Guide to Flower Essences is also lovingly illustrated with original botanical art and illustration.

My Review

Recommended for anyone who loves flowers, gardening or working with herbs! During quarantine, one of the only things I did to stay fit aside from Yoga, is walk. We have walked a lot so far, keeping close to house. You can imagine the sites get pretty boring when you’ve seen the same thing over and over again. One thing that kept them interesting was checking out the wildlife.

It’s Spring and everything is in bloom! Knowing the little I did about flowers before reading the book, I knew that Honeysuckle smells intoxicating and is good for many things and can be eaten. We all know the benefits of Lavender which is everywhere! When I found this one on Netgalley, I knew I wanted to read it.

Having tons of information on remedies and the history of flowers, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised in your new found-knowledge of everything that blooms!

Thank you to Netgalley, Alena Hennessy, and Quarto Publishing Group – Fair Winds for the ARC.

From Alena:

My name is Alena (A-lee-na) and I’m a lover of fluid color, botanical detail, and heartfelt expression. I feel we are all born to create and there is no such thing as perfection in the name of creativity. The only perfection is the coming and going of this breath, which keeps us alive… all else is play.

My life’s work is to open people up to the rich understanding that they are gifted just as they are and to make art by expressing the flawed beauty or Wabi Sabi aesthetic. From understanding the principles of art we can then break them and grow as artists. I believe we are here to know ourselves as intimately as possible, for that is how we show up for our own care and thus others, which the world so desperately needs at this time.

I have been teaching art for over 17 years, with thousands of students participants enrolled in my online classes. I lead retreats and workshops both at my studio and around the world. I also have 3 books out on painting and creativity and have exhibited in galleries and a few museums. Ultimately, my sincere interest also lies in connecting to Nature, Spirit, and our shared humanity. Being a Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and space holder for women infuses into every aspect of my work.

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