Where can you find WFH jobs?

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Lately, there’s been a ton of posts in my feed from people looking to find a job working from home. With the COVID pandemic, it’s turned everything on its head and people have either lost their job or are rethinking their situation on having to travel outside their homes for work.

Since I’ve been working exclusively with Upwork for the last 6 years, I of course am always mentioning it when the topic comes up but here’s the thing, it can be discouraging at first which is why I felt it was important to share this post.

I landed my first gig on Upwork after about a month of searching on the platform and let me tell you, as a new Freelancer, it’s hard to get a message back because hardly anyone wants to work with someone who doesn’t have a solid work history. That’s a nice a feature that Upwork offers, potential new clients can take a look at your previous work and read reviews left by the hiring managers in order to feel confident about interviewing you. It’s more than just a resume, it’s built in references and proof of employment.

Without any history, where do you start?

Well, when I submitted proposals I mentioned that I was new to the platform but could supply them with additional information if needed. The first client I landed was also new to the platform and it was fate that we found each other to work through it together. Having got lucky, I was with them for over 2 years, working full-time and loving what I did. During that time, they put me through training to be the fraud analyst as well as hands-on experience with a couple of different e-commerce platforms which became priceless.

Working from home isn’t for everyone. As you have experienced while in quarantine, it’s not always so great to live where you work and work where you live. But it it works for you, think of all the money and time you’re saving on the commute, lunches, etc! There is a silver lining that you may not see now but it’s there!

So now that you’ve decided to try Upwork out, you’ll need to make sure your profile is set up completely. This is huge when wanting to stand out to clients. Adding a photo that shows your face clearly and verifying your identity are both part of the account setup process. You can read more about completing profile setup here.

Once you’ve got your profile ready, it’s time to start looking for and applying. Upwork works on a credit system so although you want to be careful about what you apply to so that you don’t waste them, I do recommend applying to as much as you can! After all, that’s what the credits are there for and if you had to purchase them, the cost is pretty cheap compared to their competitors.

It’s worth a shot and if you’re not happy with Upwork, check out these similar sites


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