Looking for that Dewy, Glowing Summer Skin?

Looking for that Dewy, Glowing Summer Skin?Looking for that Dewy, Glowing Summer Skin?

There’s something about summer skin that if done right can leave a glow to your skin. If you’re like me, I usually end up looking hot and sweaty, but with some help my skin looks much better than it did.

Aside from Birchbox, I source my products everywhere from Amazon to good old fashioned Google Search. There’s some fantastic brands out there that you wouldn’t be able to find in CVS or Walgreens. If you’re not able to get some samples, reading reviews and research will help you to save money so you’re not shelling out big bucks for goods that either don’t work or can potentially cause a reaction.

I have sensitive skin and even with organic products I sometimes see a reaction. Know your ingredients always!

Check out some of my most recent finds to get you ready for Summer!




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