At the Edge of the Forest by Amy Cross

At the Edge of the ForestAt the Edge of the Forest


Two years ago, Rita Bone’s sister vanished after a series of bizarre, violent incidents near their home. Now Rita is old enough to search for Shannon herself, and she starts by taking a job at the same all-night store where her sister used to work. But to get to the store, Rita must either take the long way round, or walk through a dark forest.

Soon, Rita starts to hear strange stories about a powerful force that lives in the forest, and she realizes that finding her sister might mean straying from the path and going deeper into the darkness.

As Rita’s search begins, the forest reaches out to claim fresh victims. A local serial killer suffers a freak accident that puts him in a coma, and when he wakes up he finds himself experiencing a series of horrific visions. Meanwhile, echoes of the past start to leak into the present, leading Rita to make a terrifying journey. What lurks in the heart of the forest? What did it do to Rita’s sister? And why do those who enter the forest – and who reach its heart – never return?

My Review

Wow, there was a lot going on with this one! My head was spinning once I turned the last page.

The story itself reminds of the new move Gretel and Hansel with the sorry of Alice and the forest a little but I wished it ended a little differently!

Amy Cross happens to be one of my favorite authors, releasing new books all the time, I can’t read them fast enough. What I love about her writing and story-telling most are the characters. No matter which one of her books you pick up, you’ll be instantly drawn into the main character’s life and will want to know as much as you as the journey unravels.

There was a lot going on here but she managed to wrap it all up rather nicely!

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