Something Like an Autoimmune Disease

With all the new symptoms being added to the Coronavirus list it’s starting to sound like an autoimmune disease more than something similar to the Flu like they first touted. Plus, the remedies to control and defeat the virus have also varied so much so that I’m wondering if they really have a handle on it like they want us all to believe. Depending on who you listen to or where you live it’s hard to know exactly where we stand or if we should leave the house even when we’re told it’s OK.

Like an autoimmune disease the virus can take over different parts of the body creating symptoms like rashes, stomach issues, brain, and heart malfunctions and even multi-organ failure or toxic shock syndrome. Above all, just like AI the doctors seems no closer to understanding it much less treating it, which is concerning to say the least.

For those that suffer from an AI disease, like myself, it’s hard to get a diagnosis, takes years and many different doctors and professionals, it’s even harder to find the right treatment. At least with the testing measures, COVID-19 is doing better on that front, but I can’t say by much. If you’re lucky enough to get a test should you require it, the treatment plan can be anything from go home, rest, and drink fluids, to the worst, ventilator. From what I understand the data gathered on ventilator recoveries leaves much to be desired. In fact, they’re advising people against it in hopes it will save their life; the death rates are just too great to take chances. Something like 86% of those placed on a ventilator don’t make it, that number is way too high to think it works, at least in my mind. But I’m not a doctor.

Having said that, the one thing Coronavirus has going for it (if you can even say that) is the amount of attention and lives touched has made it the forefront of everything we do theses days, so of course we’re closer to a treatment that works and prevention measures for the future. Something that can’t be said for any kind of autoimmune disease and there are a ton of them!

Even with the similarities I know the two are not the same and certainly don’t want to be thrown in the same bucket and the President saying it’s something like the FLU! It’s true, it is a virus but not one we’re familiar with and that’s the problem.

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