The Need for Masks – Crochet Style

As I’m sure we all are, I’ve been either glued to the TV, trying to focus on work or playing games with the kids to break up the days in quarantine. During some of my down time, I’ve scrolled through social media to check out how friends and family are fairing during this time.

It’s important to connect over the miles and states in-between now more than ever.

I have one friend from high-school who is doing all she can to contribute. She’s spreading the word and enlisting people to make masks and is even providing the kits and patterns too!

The girl I remember from way back when was impressive even then. She worked tiressly for friends and family, always showing up when anyone was in need. I know because she was there for me more than once. That was high-school and we were all a bit dramatic back then…but instead of acting on the drama she stepped up and became bigger than it to support whomever needed it. She has a quality that very few people have. I’ve not known many people to stick around during the hard times, but I know that when everyone else walks out, she would be the person to walk in and pick you up.

Today, the woman she is far surpasses the enlightened high-schooler. She’s a mother/sister/aunt/niece who’s strong and consistent, she’s a wife who’s loving and tender, she’s a woman who is courageous, self-less, and is a true giver.

Because of her I wondered what I could do to help! I don’t have any fabric but I do have yarn, but was certain there’s a pattern for masks online somewhere… and sure enough I found a few. I hesitate because I wonder if they’ll truly be used…the hesitation lasts but a few seconds before I realize it doesn’t matter. It’s better to make them and have them available then to site here and twiddle my thumbs!

So I encourage you – if you have the fabric, please make some masks!

If you have yarn, please make some masks!

If you’ve been hoarding them or have some, please donate them!

In honor of my truest friend, even over all the miles in-between… I SEE YOU AND I LOVE YOU!

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