Can’t Find Hand Sanitizer? Make At home

I hesitate to share any DIY projects with chemicals or products that could cause harm, especially after seeing some of the reports. However, I’ve tried this recipe myself and it’s proven to be safe when used or made by others as well. I ask that you please be careful and always be cautious!

All-Natural Hand Sanitizer
– 2/3 cup 91%+ isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol 
– 1/3 cup fresh aloe or aloe vera gel.
– Optional: 5-10 drops essential oil of choice. I like lemon or tea tree for extra benefits, but lavender or others would work too!

If you can’t find any in stores, please try this!

Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix together thoroughly. Transfer to spray bottle, preferably one that’s plastic free, but in this case anything would be great!

*For hand sanitizer to be effective, it needs to contain at least 60% alcohol so it is important to follow the above measurements correctly.

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