What to do with Coronavirus

We’re headed into uncharted territory with the Coronavirus as schools begin to close, Broadway reduces crowds and we’re practicing social distancing in all situations. From the everyday life disruptions to the real fear and panic that’s taking us over, it’s clear that our community is struggling to figure out what to do.

This is definitely not the time to freak out but it is the time to pull together, (maybe not physically) but we need to be on the same team. The conflicting news stories fuel the fire on social media to the point where people are arguing the seriousness of the disease. You have some who proclaim (without real facts) that this is no more than the Flu, and on the other side you have those who are hunkering down at home, stocking up, and keeping their distance.

There’s an in-between here that I think we’re missing. Yes, it is scary and yes, for most it’s probably not a big deal, but if you are someone who has underlying medical issues, are elderly or very young, this virus goes beyond that. You can continue to your day like normal but with the rate that this virus spreads, you would no doubt become a carrier and could very well infect someone you love who’s part of the most vulnerable.

Instead of being combative or sharing negative comments, lets share facts, inspire each other and even share some fun things to do to keep from going crazy from cabin fever. Medical opinions aren’t not needed or wanted when the word pandemic gets uttered.

It’s time to pull together as a community, and by pull together, I mean stay at least 6 feet apart.

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