Happy International Women’s Day

I’ve been pondering a way to wrap a bunch of little thoughts into one post and then today came along and I realized this would be the perfect post to share those tiny tidbits. It being Women’s Day and all, I’ve seen post after post in my social media feed filled with comments and quotes to empower women, reminders to be yourself, and announcements to join the community wherever you are.

Even though the message is loud and clear, how easy is it to find that female comradery?

Aside from the few friends the each of has as our inner circle, how far beyond that ring does your community and network reach?

As an introvert I don’t join in like others, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want people beside me in celebration and in misery and I think that goes for most people no matter what type of person you are.

Finding your tribe is sometimes all is takes to feel supported, other times it’s specific to who you want to be supported by. Family is often who we look to lean on or share news with, and by family, I also mean close friends. When you’ve reached your 30s it becomes clear that no matter how great or close you may be with your family, your friends are often closer to you and your go-to people when you have news to share.

As you find your footing in life, remember to lift others up and keep going. Fear, avoidance, and anxiety try to get in the way of your greatness. Keep going.

Enjoy your Sunday! Take time to celebrate the women in your life on this International Women’s Day!

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