Journaling to Avoid Procrastination & Disastrous Days

Disastrous days happen but why? Really though? Why is it that when one thing goes wrong seemly everything else proceeding that falls to crap?

It’s happens to the best of us and I wonder if it’s true that the vibrations set off, attract the same. It’s not intentional of course, when something terrible happens, or our day turns out to be one difficulty after another it’s not by choice. It is sometimes by action, or lack of.

Yes, I’m calling you out on it!

Think about it. How many times did you find yourself having to fix a problem because of something that could have been taken care of or prepared for sooner? I know first hand because I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, but I’m learning to do better! I am, swear!

I’ve started writing EVERYTHING down! There’s more to those pretty journal/calendar photos on Instagram than you think. With my trusty calendar in tow, I make sure to keep tabs on the kids schedules, my husband of course, and just about everything else, even down to times and dates of phone calls. No, I’m not tracking the minutes to casual phone calls with friends, but calls to utility companies, the bank, kids schools and more, I find has been very helpful in future situations. It’s better than drawing a blank and I’m sure we’ve all been there.

When dark days are upon us, take a breath and one thing at a time. For me, the anxiety ramps up to where I’m almost incapable of handling anything. I over-think and create an emotional attachment to the issues which only creates inner conflict. Our problems, issues, whatever, don’t need to have an emotional attachment. I’m talking about small issues, like bills, maybe the washer is broken, you’re late, the kids forgot lunch or a project. Small things. But big in our minds.

We choose how we process and move through the motions to fix our problems, if you could remove the anxiousness and possibly even anger, sadness, etc from the situation I think you might find the solution comes quicker. Once that happens, the tides shift and our vibrations start attracting strength and power to solve whatever has come our way. If you could do this, the bigger issues in life are a littler easier to deal with.

How do you handle disastrous days?

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