How to Solve Your Procrastination Habit

It’s time to pull out of the procrastination station!

Let’s be honest, I think most of us have been stuck in a rut unwilling to move forward on the task at hand. Whether it’s because we don’t want to do it, our fear of the outcome, or just lack of self-control. Which before you think “Oh, I have self-control”, consider that maybe you don’t. I know I certainly have to keep myself in check.

When you think about it, procrastination for us avoiders in life, is solely because we feel that if we don’t partake or finish the task, we won’t have to worry about what others think or how we’ll be perceived. Less chance of feeling shame or embarrassment.

The Rough Draft is so important but so daunting.

Don’t you find it hard to start something. It always starts with a draft of some sort, practice, training… whatever, you have to start somewhere. But for a lot of us, we push it off and are haunted by the rough draft following us around. It just happens to be a blank page because we haven’t actually gotten started on it.

It really does haunt me at times when I know there’s a page waiting for my words, but I just can’t sit down. I literally find any other thing to do than that one thing I’m supposed to do.

If you’ve faced your procrastination in the eye and still continue down the same path, there are ways to get out of it’s clutches. It’s almost like you have to trick yourself into doing it.

For me I use my Calendar app. I block off chunks of time dedicated to the projects I have going on. This way, I know not to schedule anything during that time, I use it as a strict no-bother me time with the kids and even turn off notifications on my phone to avoid any distractions.
Doing this makes it easy to flake out, if another potential appointment or meeting comes along, what block of time do you think will be changed first? That’s why it’s important to treat this as an important date that you wouldn’t think of cancelling unless the world was ending.

Feeling inspired? Do it then – sometimes the urge to create or work comes at times when we’re least expecting it. If you feel motivated and it’s a good time to sit down or stand up; whatever your task entails, do it.
Think back to the last time this feeling hit. You were probably in the right frame of mind and could have taken a few moments, but for whatever reason you decided something else was better to spend the time. Only because it was easy. Don’t feel bad, I do it all the time. There’s often no reason why I can’t just get what I need done, but for some reason, maybe by habit I chose to do something else. Now I know it’s simply a different choice I need to make.

Talking about the Rough Draft, as imposing as it seems, DO IT. Whatever that means for you, just start. It may be crappy but that’s what the first round is all about. Even though I remind my kids all the time when they get impatient at the start of a new sport, task, or skill that everyone starts from the beginning at everything. There is no one person who knew exactly what they were doing at the start of something new and you have to go easy on yourself knowing this.

You’re only human but you have to start somewhere to move forward.

What are you working on, or no working on? Are you a procrastinator?

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