The Ghosts of David Brook by Amy Cross


Every year, on the last night of January, the ghost of Catherine Bannister walks the streets of Alford. And every year, she claims another victim.

When he sets off for another all-night shift in his taxi, David Brook knows all the ghost stories about Alford, but he can’t turn down the chance to earn some extra money. The pubs and clubs are still open, and he soon finds himself with a steady stream of passengers. Some of them, however, might not be quite what they seem.

On the outskirts of town, in the heart of a forest, there stands a ruined house. Who was Catherine Bannister? Why is her vengeful soul still haunting her old home? And as David is drawn closer and closer to the house, will he find a way to end the curse that has hung over Alford for so many years? Or will he become the latest addition to her collection of ghosts?

My Review

What a start! You know those books that right from the beginning are nothing short of enthralling?

I didn’t want to put it down when I had to but when I got towards the end and everything was supposed to fall into place, it didn’t. In fact, it did the opposite, if all unraveled and I had no idea if I was her or there, then our now, and even alive or dead.

I am still confused as to what really happen to David. I mean, I get it and I won’t spoil it for you, but I’m confused as to how he ended up how and where he did. Also, Emily…I’m curious to know what will become of her.

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