Follow-Up – The Wind of Change

I tend to get long-winded and didn’t wanted to end up writing a book with the last post. There’s just so much good stuff to write about this that the words keep coming!

When I saw Tarryn Fisher’s post I couldn’t help but feel some sort of way about it and I think most of us do. It might be because of work or family and friends but there’s usually something keeping us from posting pictures we love in fear of what others might think. Heck, you could be standing in your own way having that epic battle of wills between the angel and the devil on your shoulders.

Tiny Bit of advice – the devil isn’t always bad!
(For those of you out there who are enraged by that statement let me say this, I’m not talking of the literal devil, just your conscience.)

I enjoy spending time with my kids, however that is; At the pool, cooking dinner, watching TV or out on adventure. They all enjoy different things are so very individual I couldn’t treat them the same if I wanted to and that’s one of the things I love about parenting! My oldest, now an adult is constantly taking photos and not just of herself like others her age, she enjoys being out and about and snapping shots of her adventures. When I’m in her company I find myself taking hundreds of shots of EVERYTHING.

When I posted pic she had taken of me the other day in my bathing suit…nothing scandalous I left it up for all of two minutes before deleting it. The thought of what others would think when they saw it was something I just couldn’t process.

You’re probably thinking it was some intense bikini photo, but I assure you it was just me, sunglasses and a bathing suit covering everything, and only from the mid-torso up so not much to see anyway. Once I took it down, I felt better but wondered what in the heck got into me that I would need to repress my want to share a photo?

l left it there and didn’t repost and as fate would have it, I would learn my lesson after just a few short days when Tarryn posted her picture in all her beauty with a thoughtful caption to someone else struggling with THE VERY SAME THING! Oh how the universe works!

As you can imagine it struck a cord with me. One that surprisingly has me living and seeing life through new lenses.

Let’s remember this everyone –

Your social media is yours, just like mine is mine. Feel free to post what you want, what inspires, makes you happy and ignites your soul.

Be uplifting when you would have been judging. You know as well as I do that when someone looks good or is having the time of their life while you’re on your couch, you develop serious FOMO. In my day this was also known as jealousy. It’s not a good look and if you have the stirrings of the green monster, realize it, and then put a smile on your face and find something awesome to do and do it. Take a photo and post if you want afterwards too! 😉

Admittedly, positivity is hard at times and finding joy when scrolling our feeds isn’t always the easiest thing and I, personally don’t think it’s the healthiest thing, mentally either. I turn notifications off and carefully monitor my social media in hopes that I’ll avoid it for a little longer. Time is not on my side so spending one more extra minute on something that doesn’t feed my soul isn’t worth it.

The take-away from this is to change it up. Get out of your funk, be confident in who you are enough to post the pictures that make you happy and scroll on by the ones that don’t! It’s not worth your time to do anything else.

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