I Tried One the Methods from Netflix’s Goop show

If you can peel yourself away from “Cheer” on Netflix long enough to check out some new shows, you’ve got to add “Goop” to your list.

I know, I know, Goop seems to be for the ultra-rich, the elite and for for people who can afford a lifestyle of leisure sometimes, if not most of the time. But there’s something to what Gweneth Paltrow has started.

She’s right, it is a wellness brand that reaches beyond the social norms. She talks about and goes the extra distance to try the world’s healing remedies so that what does work can be tried in our own homes.

You know as swell as I do that when you’re feeling shitty, you’ll do almost anything to feel better. To all the people who suffer from chronic illness know the pain and suffering I’m talking about!

I got something out of each episode and learned more about the subjects I already had a little knowledge about. Especially the energy healing and Cold Comfort (The Wim Hof Method) episodes offer unorthodox methods to opening the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Take a minute and find one episode that looks intriguing and I promise you’ll be pressing play on the next one. 😉

More to come on this in future posts soon.

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