I Married a Serial Killer by Amy Cross

Rating: 4 out of 5.


One year, alone on his birthday, John sits drowning his sorrows in a hotel bar. Due to a twist of fate, he happens to start talking to a woman at the next table, and he discovers that they have one thing in common.

Paula is also marking her birthday alone. After a one night stand during which they share no personal information whatsoever, John and Paula come to a loose understanding: they’ll meet in the same hotel bar on the same day every year unless one of them has something better to do. No phone numbers. No social media profiles. Just an idea.

And then they go their separate ways. Or do they?

For the next ten years, John and Paula stick (more or less) to their agreement. As time passes, they begin to learn more about one another, despite their attempts to remain distant. And although he knows he should remain detached, John finds himself wanting to know more and more about the mysterious Paula. Some years she seems remote and disinterested, other years she’s emotional and attached, and sometimes she seems half crazy. In fact, even though she looks the same, John starts to wonder if this is really the same woman every year after all.

Can one person really be ten different people at the same time? Or is something even more sinister going on? And is Paula connected to a series of murders in local hotels?

I Married a Serial Killer is a horror-thriller about two very mismatched people whose lives become entwined, about the dangers of breaking the rules, and about the potentially deadly consequences of asking too many questions.

My Review

There wasn’t a lot of mystery with this one because we know who the killer is, but the concept off loving someone you know is damaged is hard to comprehend. If you yourself have a dark past, and then think the person you love is dangerous too, would you stay?

The heart wants what the heart wants, and John can’t deny his feelings for Paula despite the ache in his gut feeling telling him to stay away.

It’s an interesting read that gets you thinking about the secrets people hide and why…realizing that we ourselves have secrets not much better than the people around us.

Do you trust love or stay safe to avoid being killed yourself?

The question I have that sells to haunt me…does John believe his “crimes” are on the same level as Paula’s? He seems to think that he’s immovable to am extent and only deserves someone flawed like her.

John clearly had his own demons but in my opinion, is not nearly the same thing.

Amy Cross happens to be one of those authors that keeps writing fresh stories that are so intoxicating you crave the next book immediately after finishing. She

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