New Year, New You…and all that Crap

It’s a new year and we’re half way through the first month of it holding onto whatever is left of our motivation from New Year’s Day.

You know the feeling, the holidays are over and that burst of inspiration you had at the very beginning of the year is starting the wane. You’re slowly realizing that the lightness from the season is gone and life is pretty much the same as what it was before the holidays began.

I call it the New Year’s funk, it’s a mix of depression, anxiety and just overall gloom. For me, I’ve always blamed it on the season, thinking for sure that I suffered from Seasonal Depression, and I very well could be, but other times, I though it was climate holding me down. The freezing temps, the endless months of snow, and the grayness of it all, felt like a weighted blanket keeping the warmth and happiness stamped down.

Books were always my salvation, living other lives, feeling separate emotions that were not from my own life, with heightened compassion for the characters on the page. But there comes a time when we must look up from the page instead of turning it, to deal with the reality that is our lives. Once we do, we often see parts we wished we could change especially during the cold winter months.

Unlike my books and characters, I have the ability to change my destiny. Their fate has already been written, it’s on paper…published and cannot be changed, but mine and yours is still unwritten, waiting for the pen. This is the point where we put down in writing what wish to see happen. Experiences, love, and yes suffering, because what is life without it?

My anxiety, my depression don’t have to get written into my next chapter and I have the power to ensure that. The outcome of my life will be decided by my choice, maybe not the way I go, let’s not be grim… everything leading up to that will my doing.

Sometimes we don’t have a choice for when the overpowering strength of anxiety engulfs in it’s hold, but we can work to lessen the effects for the future.

After all, the weather will change, the seasons will pass and we’ll always have the chance to do better.

If you’re feeling down, or a little less than perfect…hell, if you feel downright awful, know that you’re not alone and that you do have the courage and the strength to weather out the storms.

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