Getting Crafty with Autoimmune Disease

Over the last 7 years I’ve been managing my autoimmune illness with rest, diet and excercise. You know…all the things they mention in every article or doctors office visit after you’ve finally discovered what’s been attacking your body. Let’s face it, AI is hard to detect and is often not officially diagnosed until years after you’ve been struggling to manage the illness you haven’t yet gotten a name for.

One of the things I feel keeps me on track is crafting. There’s days when I can hardly move, where all my joints ache and muscles are stiff, but with some creative juices flowing through my brain I can usually pick up yarn and crochet hook.

Lately, my newest obsession is bags and baskets. I can never seem to have enough and I’ve found the perfect styles to compliment my decor!

Check out the new bags and baskets added to the shop! I’m proud to have a couple of these beauties in my collection and hope you’ll find some favorites too!

If you’re interested in trying to craft one of these yourself, I’ve got the perfect tutorial for you too!

BORREGO X BORNEO No. 1 – Woven Straw Basket Bag
Atta Diana Rattan Bag
Borneo Extra Wide Zig-zag Belly basket
Anaya Water Hyacinth Straw Bag – with Pink Blush
Matta Jackie Woven Hard Clutch

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