Working Around Auto Immune Disease

Despite what the title says, I’m not sure there is a work-around for auto-immune ailments. There’s so little known about them that aside from medication and lifestyle changes that when it comes down to how it truly affects your life, it’s hard to navigate.

When someone suffering from an Auto Immune ailment and has a full time job there’s undoubtedly some anxiety surrounding their health. If the disease is in remission, the first fear is when will it strike again, and when it does, is it something I can work through or will I be face with a tough decision… work or not to work?

Everyone feels something different even if they’re dealing with the same diagnosis. That’s the trouble with auto immune diseases, you can share the name but the symptoms are always unique to the patient. There’s no text book that lays it all out nice and neat for doctors to follow and that makes it hard to seek help.

Ultimately, we want treatment, we want to get better…to feel better, but it seems that no one doctor can explain how to achieve that goal when you’re sitting in front of them in the office. You may get lucky and find one that knows the ins and outs and can offer real advice, but they don’t seem to know how to make it go away. You will always leave their office with band-aid for a wound that needs stitches.

When you get tired of the band-aid that’s when you take matters into your own hands. Sometimes that means reaching out to online groups where there are other patients who can offer insight into their journey which most often can assist you in yours. Other times, if you do the right research you just may find a doctor or homeopath that can offer more advice and different remedies to get you to where you need to be…functional.

Once we’re resigned to the fact that we have a little more to deal with and that our bodies are eager to fight itself, we can start to identify triggers that put us over the edge. Whether it be stress or something else, once we figure out what those triggers are we can learn to work around them. In life, stress is unavoidable. I don’t know anyone who can escape it and yet we handle the same thing so differently than the next person that we’re forced to seek the help that we as an individual needs to heal.

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