Mental Health Help – Holiday Edition

This time of year brings happiness, joy and all those nostalgic feelings we long for all year long, but for some of us, this time is also filled with anxiety, dread and sadness. It could be for no other reason that simply to have the Winter Blues. No matter what the cause, its not all peppermint and eggnog for everyone.

What I’ve learned lately, being someone that deals with anxiety and mild agoraphobia is that although it can be as easy as switching your thoughts, it’s not always easy and sometimes we need outside help.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking a medical professional out to help you navigate the overwhelming feelings of depression and panic. In fact, it shows a lot of courage. However, the frustrating part of needing help for ailments of the mind is that it’s not considered an emergency or immediate issue. Yes, the appropriate intake procedures are followed with questions asked, but for everyone who has ever suffered from a panic attack, you know the need for help is in the moment. It’s not something that can be put off for another day in hopes the symptoms subside.

Yes, they do go away after the attack has completed it’s course and rocked your world (not in a good way, I might add) but even so, the time it takes to speak to someone who can actually helps is often days, weeks and sometimes months away. Depending on the insurance you have or the area where you live, you could be waiting a very long time to see someone for an issue that can approach from behind at any time.

To help get you through the holiday season in the best of spirits, I want to tell you that you’re not alone, even at your worst, you deserve happiness. Try to work through the emotions, talk to friends and family and remember that it’s a brief moment that will pass soon enough.

You might be wondering why I switched up the blog format to post something personal… my reply is this – we all have moments where we’re not feeling our best emotionally, physically or mentally and although it’s difficult and uncomfortable there are ways to navigate the rough terrain in order to truly enjoy life.

Aside from that a lot of the books I’ve been reading lately have characters dealing with the same turbulent life trials most of us will face at one point or another. The characters have shown me that each individual struggle we face is different than the next. Take time to help people struggling and suffering this season, and know that just like we’re not the same, compassion and patience goes a long way with everyone! 😉

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