Revenge by Gaynor Torrance

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Why are dead bodies appearing when no one has been reported missing…?

When mutilated female corpses are discovered in shallow woodland graves it becomes apparent that a serial killer is at large.

With no one reported missing, no apparent motive and no obvious suspect the investigation proves to be far from straightforward.

As suspicion falls upon those associated with the privately-owned woodland, it soon becomes clear that there are sinister secrets they are determined to hide.

Detective Inspector Jemima Huxley is put in charge of the case. But Jemima has dark secrets of her own…

Can Jemima lay her personal demons to rest?

Or will the case threaten to overwhelm her?

And can she catch the killer before more women turn up dead…?

My Review

A deep, dark plot that reveals secrets people keep all while the Investigator Jemima Huxley is on the case in hopes to uncover all the details.

I was drawn in rather quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the story. For some who find rape and violence too hard to stomach… and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, the book was hard to read in some areas. Written so well that avoiding the mental trauma just from the words is almost impossible.

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