The Good Neighbor by Cathryn Grant From Inkubator Books


Sometimes the past just won’t stay buried.

When 14 year old Brittany vanishes from her bedroom one night, her parents are devastated, certain she has been taken.

They can’t bear to think about who has done this and what might be happening to their precious girl.

Even worse, the police seem to see them as suspects, implying that they may have had a part in their own daughter’s disappearance. Only their neighbor, Taylor, is a rock. She organizes search parties, feeds the volunteers, works night and day to help them find Brittany.

But as this affluent California community becomes focused on the hunt for the missing girl, it slowly becomes clear that her disappearance is linked to terrible secrets from the past.

Secrets that must be kept hidden at all costs….

The Good Neighbor is a gripping psychological thriller that twists and turns as it races towards its nerve-shredding climax. Perfect for fans of K. L. Slater, Teresa Driscoll and Mark Edwards.

Advance Praise

“A complex and intriguing psychological thriller full of twists and turns”

“Original, smart, and packed with white-knuckle suspense – this one has it all”


Genre Literature & Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Influences Joyce Carol Oates, Ruth Rendell, Patricia Highsmith

My Review

You will be left wondering if doing the right thing is always best.

Sometimes playing by the rules have their own set of circumstances that don’t end well. Filled with mystery and chills and told from multiple points of view, you get a good sense for each character’s personality and are instantly drawn in.

What would you do if your child went missing in the middle of the night and how reliant do you become on your neighbors should this happen to you?

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