The Family Guide to Aromatherapy by Erika Galentin, MNIMH, RH (AHG)


Mix up a happier home with aromatherapy recipes for the whole family.

Full and busy households are a beautiful thing, but they can also create stress and chaos. The Family Guide to Aromatherapy is a complete, family-friendly reference for using essential oils at home to promote wellness and harmony. With safety at the forefront, this book teaches you how to use aromatherapy to benefit the whole family.

Learn how to mix and properly dilute the right oils to help ease everything from acne and anxiety to indigestion and insomnia. The whole family can make blends to help with things like mood and confidence, and even make their own shampoo—with safe ingredients for all ages.

The Family Guide to Aromatherapy offers:The real scoop—Learn the joy and benefits of essential oils, along with their honest limitations and potential risks.Aromatherapy for every life stage—Hundreds of recipes are sorted by age group, from prenatal to seniors.Safety first—Each chapter begins with watch-outs for the associated ages, and charts explaining which essential oils are safe, which to use in moderation, and which to avoid altogether.Handy references—You’ll find pages to write notes, and a glossary of 30 common essential oils and their properties.

Use aromatherapy to create a peaceful, pleasant, and safe environment for everyone.

My Review

If you’ve ever had a headache or felt anxiety before and couldn’t find relief with medications either over the counter or prescribed, you should check this book out.

I’ve been using essential oils for years now, and have even made homemade lotions, soaps, lip balm and more with them but there’s nothing like getting rid of your headache with peppermint oil or drifting off to sleep with the scent of lavender hanging in the air!

You can find quick relief without side-effects from natural alternatives like aromatherapy and you can learn all about how to use them with this fantastic read!

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