Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbook by Douglas Lindsay


Versatile vegan recipes for quick and easy meals.

Whether you’re a full-time vegan or just interested in eating more plant-based foods, variety will spice up your life. The Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbookbrings a new selection of fresh meals to your table, pronto! From one-pot to pressure cooker, choose your favorite cooking method—without being held hostage for hours in your kitchen.

This flavorful vegan cookbook doesn’t require a long list of ingredients or a huge time commitment. The preparation techniques are simple—there’s even a chapter devoted to not cooking at all (Gazpacho, anyone?). Every recipe lists nutritional information, and most include tips for ingredient substitution, adding more protein, or other easy customizations.

The Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbook includes:100 tasty recipes—Whip up meals full of personality and variety like Artichoke Heart Salad, Spicy Pinto Bean Skillet, Mushroom Stroganoff Bake, and more.Fast, easy, or both—Choose from chapters on 30-minute recipes, sheet pan and casserole meals, 5-ingredient dishes—or even recipes with no cooking required!Dietary options—This vegan cookbook lets you adapt menus to your needs with handy labels for gluten-free, nut-free, oil-free, or soy-free diets.

Eat easily, healthfully, and deliciously with the Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbook.

My Review

Let’s face it… changing your diet from being a omnivore to strict vegan isn’t easy. I tried it several years ago and went right from eating a steak to only veggies, no dairy (not a fan anyway) and no eggs or fish! When you cut out so much, trying to cook for a family with small children who are picky eaters anyway, it’s extremely difficult.

Now I love to cook, I follow the basis of recipes but I do my own thing when it comes to measurements and additional flavors, but I had no idea what I was doing and every meal I made came out horribly wrong. If you’ve ever had a vegan meal professionally prepared at a restaurant or something, you know for sure that vegan meals can taste good… they must have some magic stuffed up their sleeves, because it didn’t matter what I tried, nothing was edible.

With this book, I’m happy to report that you can eat that way you want, without going through what I went through. It’s super easy to follow with great recipes that aren’t too difficult and you’ll actually be able to eat what you’ve made, unlike me who wasted countless amounts of food trying recreate some magical dish I’ve previously had.

Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC!

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