Living with a Green Heart by Gay Browne

If you haven’t noticed the Zero-Waster, Living with Less trends year, you’re missing out. Of course it’s nice to own things, but when you look around your home, ask yourself how many of those “things” do you actually use or need? It’s an important question to know the answer to. Aside from material possessions, we all want to get healthy or at least feel healthy… there are a lot of us out there who want the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while still indulging in things that are not so good for our bodies. We want all the cake!

That’s ok, we can have cake but we have to do it at a minimum. It’s the excess that’s overtaking us both with “things” and with health. Either way you go, too much is never a good thing. For example, water is good for you but you can’t go consuming a ton of it without feeling ill. Moderation.

This book is a gem to inspire you into small changes that can drastically modify your life to where you’re not only feeling good but creating the perfect environment to heal and nourish your body. Sometimes all we need is a good reminder that we have the tools needed to change our lives, while other times we learn new skills that can make our day-to-day flow with better vibes.


“If you want one of the shortest, fastest routes to getting toxic chemicals out of your life, get behind the wheel of Gay Browne’s Living with a Green Heart and you’ll get there in no time flat.”
—Ken Cook, President, Environmental Working Group
In an increasingly toxic world, the paths to environmental health and personal well-being run parallel. The journey begins with a few small steps.
Is the damage we’re doing to our planet literally leaving you sick, sore, and gasping for air? Want to take back our inalienable rights to clean air, clean water, and healthy food? In this quietly revolutionary book, environmental pioneer and founder of Greenopia, Gay Browne, shares a roadmap for making incremental changes that will not only transform your life, but heal the world we share.
From the home to the office, from the foods we eat to the clothes we wear, here are actions you can take today that will improve your Personal Environmental Health, and help you stop feeling overwhelmed, reduce illness, improve sleep, mood, and focus, and start making a difference, including:
*Make conscious choices when shopping, and support companies with good environmental stewardship and healthy products.
*Test your water for harmful chemicals, install an affordable water filtration system, and reduce your water use by utilizing water more efficiently.
*Work with your doctor to create a personal plan for detoxing your body. 
*Use only non-toxic and organic household products, and choose organic, eco-friendly fabrics made by sustainable and fair trade certified companies.
*Choose the method of transportation that makes the lightest carbon footprint. 
With these and many other actions, Gay Browne’s work has taught her that even the smallest change for the better, faithfully practiced, can have an immense positive impact on our minds, bodies, and spirits—not to mention the planet.

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