Chicago Food Crawls by Soo Park – #BOOKREVIEW #NEWRELEASE

Full disclosure, I’ve never actually visited Chicago but I love food and after reading this, I feel like it’s my new life mission to travel there and indulge in all this tasty goodness!

Soo Park pulls together a beautiful, delightful and tantalizing food travel guide that is beyond measure. I’ve been to a few food crawls in the past and always loved the community vibes, amazing dishes that you wouldn’t normally mix together, paired with the right beverage and music. The experience it something everyone needs to try at least once, if for only the food! It’s so worth it!

Opening your eyes and teasing your tastebuds with new flavors gets the mind firing on all cylinders. Broadening your scope on what’s possible in your own kitchen.


In Globe’s newest approach to food by city, Chicago Food Crawls will take the reader on a fun, tasty culinary tour. Discover the hidden gems and long-standing institutions of Chicago neighborhoods. Experience more than 13 crawls, each featuring 3-8 establishments, centered on a neighborhood or theme. Each tour is the complete recipe for a great night out, the perfect tourist day, a new way to experience your own city, or simply food porn and great stories to enjoy from home.

Soo Park created to showcase her love of food, writing, photography, and all things Chicago. Soo has 17 years of marketing and branding experience, including over a decade in the magazine publishing industry where she worked on Chicago, Chicago HOME, Ebony and Jet. Along with @FabFoodChicago (59.7k followers), she also runs @FabSooPark (32.8k followers), which Zagat has rated as a top 100 Instagrammer, and @FabFoodBaby. A video of Soo’s (similar photo used on the book cover) was featured on food celebrity Andrew Zimmern’s #MyZimmernList web series, winning Soo a private lunch with him. Soo lives in Uptown Chicago. 

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