How Yoga teaches your to sit with yourself…and LIKE it. #YOGA #SELFCARE #CHRONICILLNESS

Suffering from any chronic illness is challenging on a daily basis. You never know how you’re going to wake up and feel that day, always hoping it’s a good day. After all these years of living with an autoimmune disease, I’ve tried so many things to combat the aching joints, foggy brain, and overall discomfort. The one thing that helps without fail… is always YOGA.

For one, how many of you have a chronic illness and because of that are hyper aware of your body. You feel all the aches and pains, can sense sensations otherwise hidden to the a regular healthy body? I know I am. I almost wonder if it’s too much. Am I focusing and worrying on it so much that I’m perpetuating my own disease? Thoughts….they go round and round, worried about all the wrong things.

So what can we do to get out of our minds? To be in the present enjoying life, even when not feeling 100% but doing the best we can anyway?

Again, it’s Yoga.

I had a wonderful practice yesterday in which each pose was held for at least 3 minutes, sometimes opting to go for 5. What I noticed in myself is that I had to sit with my body and mind and be ok with it. It’s not an easy thing for a worry wart like me, but it is achievable. And it feels so good!

Next time you get on the mat try to hold your poses, focus on release and breath. When the mind wanders bring it back to center and focus on just being you. Not all the pain, not the illness, no worry and let your thoughts go.

Trust me, it’s not easy to be with yourself all the time but sometimes we need the solitude to get back to ur deeper selves and release the tension we carry around.

When the pose begins to burn and you want to stop, breathe. (Of course if you’re in pain stop right away) Sensation is what you want not pain, sink deeper with every breath, twist a little more, loosen your core and release. Your Charkas with thank you!

Yoga for Healing

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