The OA Part 2 Release Date Announced – View Trailer

If you’ve watched The OA on Netflix, you’ll know it’s a little wacky but it’s also SO good!

Bringing a deeper perspective of time, life, and love, The OA delivers a beautiful story that I was hoping would continue soon but without a release date, I wasn’t sure if it was actually happening or not, until yesterday when I saw the new trailer for Part 2?

With Prairie (Brit Marling) staring in this series, you get all kinds of feels watching her get separated from her father, navigating blindness while living with her new adoptive family before getting kidnapped by a mad scientist, Hap (Jason Isaacs), who’s trying to harness the power he believes special individuals who have experienced a near-death experience have.

In the new trailer, we see Prairie living in an alternate universe where she’s the Russian Heiress she believes herself to be. So what will happen this season?

Will Prairie continue her search for Homer? Will she come face-to-face with her kidnapper again? Who knows, but I’m ready!

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