The Nursery by Bill Thompson – #BOOKREVIEW #ARC

Are supernatural forces at play in this old Antebellum mansion or is someone looking to spook and even harm the new family?

Dark and creepy with a magic mirror and a locked room? Yes, sign me up! The Nursery was everything I was looking for in a quick read.

Jordan and his twin, eight year old girls are rebuilding their lives after the passing of their mother in an old mansion that has a few stipulations for the new residents. The house has been vacant for 50 years and has a room that’s locked and not to be disturbed by anyone. Without the key, Jordan tries to forget about the room, but his daughters have other ideas.

With the help of his friends and few paranormal professionals, Jordan and his girls find out the secrets of the house and the room, but will they survive?

I was impressed by the complexity of each of the characters, growing fond of each of them. I couldn’t wait to turn the page to find out their fates and I wasn’t disappointed!


A house that sat empty for fifty years as its dead owner instructed. A locked room with no key. A single father with eight-year-old twin girls. A dusty, dank nursery from long ago that no child ever played in.

There are eerie things going on at The Arbors in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Architect Bart Blanchard is joined by his friend Callie Pilantro (“Callie – The Bayou Hauntings 1”) and Landry Drake (“Forgotten Men – The Bayou Hauntings 2”) to learn the secrets of a domineering matriarch whose two husbands died in bizarre manners. As they discover more secrets in the house, someone watches from a hidden room at the very top of the huge old mansion. “The Nursery” will keep you up late at night wondering what’s behind the next door, what lies beyond a mysterious mirror and who waits to kill one of the people at The Arbor.

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