The Stillwater Girls by Minka Kent – #BOOKREVIEW

Thank you to Netgalley, Minka Kent, and Thomas & Mercer for the Advanced Reader Copy of this one! Check it out on April 9th!

I loved it! I thought it was fresh, creepy and totally surprising! I can’t say too much without giving a lot of it away, but I will tell you a little. 😉

Told from two different perspectives the entire way through with characters eventually to be interwoven in the most exceptional way possible.

I was for sure that I had it all figured out, until I was thrown a curve-ball. It didn’t just happen once either, it happened several times throughout, which may the entire story a joy to read. I couldn’t put it down and devoured it within two days!

The characters were not only relatable but truly magnetizing! Normally, there’s a party in the plot that you’re supposed to dislike, or at least find unrelatable at the very least. But not this tome!

Seeking landscape that you become part of, the words don’t leave you wondering. Minka walks you through the scenes, holding your hands, guiding you through the plot.

It is one of those books that stays with you for a very long time!


Two sisters raised in fear are about to find out why in a chilling novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Thinnest Air.

Ignorant of civilization and cautioned against its evils, nineteen-year-old Wren and her two sisters, Sage and Evie, were raised in off-the-grid isolation in a primitive cabin in upstate New York. When the youngest grows gravely ill, their mother leaves with the child to get help from a nearby town. And they never return.

As months pass, hope vanishes. Supplies are low. Livestock are dying. A brutal winter is bearing down. Then comes the stranger. He claims to be looking for the girls’ mother, and he’s not leaving without them.

To escape, Wren and her sister must break the rule they’ve grown up with: never go beyond the forest.

Past the thicket of dread, they come upon a house on the other side of the pines. This is where Wren and Sage must confront something more chilling than the unknowable. They’ll discover what’s been hidden from them, what they’re running from, and the secrets that have left them in the dark their entire lives.

A Note From the Publisher

Washington Post bestselling author Minka Kent is the author of The Thinnest Air; The Perfect Roommate; The Stillwater Girls; and The Memory Watcher, which has been optioned by NBCUniversal. She is a graduate of Iowa State University and resides in Iowa with her husband and three children. For more information, visit or

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