Gradient Style by Kerry Bogert

Looking to get up close and personal with yarn and their gradient colors?

I love working with all types of fiber but I admit that I’ve had a hard time with gradient colors and certain patterns, I can never get them quite right or to come out the way I had planned and hoped.

This book not only explains the different options, but it also has beautiful photos that get techniques right in your face.

I truly did love this book and recommend it highly to my fellow yarn-junkies!


Gradient yarns and colorful color-shifting patterns are everywhere in knitting today! Knowing what and how to knit with color-shifting yarns, and how to combine colors for successful color-fade projects, can be a challenge. Let the Editors at Interweave be your guide to the colorful world of knitting gradients with Gradient Style. Inside this comprehensive guide to putting gradients yarns to work you’ll find:Detailed information on selecting, combining, and knitting colored yarns into unique gradient effects.Tips to help avoid common color-shifting mistakes such as color pooling and uneven striping when working with gradient skeins.20 beautiful gradient knitted patterns to explore gradient techniques in inspiring, wearable designs including both garments and accessories! Shift your knitting to another colorful level with Gradient Style!

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