ARC from Netgalley – To Kill a Sorcerer (Immortal Montero #1) by Greg Mongrain

Another big thank-you to Netgalley for the advance copy of To Kill a Sorcerer. Although not a totally new concept, I did enjoy this book! Anything with a serial killer and I’m game but with the addition of vampires and immortals, it made for an entertaining read! I would totally read the next Greg Mongrain book! 

To Kill a Sorcerer (Immortal Montero #1)

by Greg Mongrain

Young billionaire Sebastian Montero has hunted killers for seven hundred years, the murder of his baby brother still haunting his dreams. After a teenage girl is ritually butchered, Sebastian joins the LAPD in their search for the man known as “The Voodoo Killer.” When Sebastian is nearly strangled by malevolent spirits invading his home, he realizes his target is a man with formidable magical powers. But he doesn’t know how dangerous the Voodoo Killer has become.

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