Sunday Review – The Family Man by Amy Cross

The Family Man

By Amy Cross

This one was a bit hard to get through. I normally love everything that Amy Cross writes but The Family Man really pushed me to my limit. 

The protagonist, Katherine, a detective living with thermal breast cancer itches to get back on the job. During her 3 months sick leave, she feels as though everyone and everything around her has changed. 

Could it be Katherine is the one who’s changed?

Then you have, John, the typical bad guy with too many aliases to count, a business no one wants a part in and Katherine who is on his heels for a series of strange and fatal events happening in town. 

I love the idea of the story but not the actual story itself. 

Katherine, in my opinion, was really hard to like. Yes, she’s technically dying from cancer and she’s also technically the hero in the story but her attitude and lack of real substance make it very hard to get on her side. 

John, on the other hand, although complex, is also very superficial. Aside from his strange business and multiple families, we don’t ever find out why he is the way he is. 

Does he have scars from childhood or is it all in his head? I still don’t know. 

I still recommend it for its originality, and there’s always the chance that you’ll take away something different from it than I did. 

New perspectives can uncover things otherwise not previously seen! 


About the book

The Family Man (Joanna Mason: Series 2 #1-2)
by Amy Cross (Goodreads Author)
4.67  ·  Rating details ·  18 Ratings  ·  1 Review

Late one night, an elderly man opens his front door and finds himself staring at a horrific scene… 

As the second Joanna Mason series begins, the cancer-stricken detective is struggling to keep her illness from her friends. Soon, however, she has more pressing matters to worry about, including a devastating revelation and the discovery of scores of injured woman at an old farmhouse. 

Meanwhile, a mysterious, secretive man seeks to keep his highly lucrative people-smuggling operation running despite a major setback. Abandoning one part of his life, he embraces another, but slowly his mind is starting to crumble. 

These are the first and second books in

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