Featured Author – Amy Cross

It’s no secret that I love reading everything Amy Cross writes, I certainly don’t keep this bit of info to myself because it’s just too good not to. 

My most recent reads from her collection are The Vampires of Tor Cliff Asylum and The Haunting of Hardstone Jail and I have to be honest, I was a bit surprised by both of these books even though I’m familiar with her writing. 

The Haunting of Hardstone Jail

by Amy Cross

When the notorious Hardstone Jail is reopened after many years of neglect, nobody cares about the ghost stories. They just want somewhere to put more prisoners.

But a ghost has been waiting patiently at Hardstone. The ghost of a little girl walks the corridors, seeking revenge for something that happened a century ago. And anyone who looks into her eyes will be dead within days.

Sent to Hardstone for a horrific crime she doesn’t remember committing, Amanda Weir just wants to be ignored and forgotten. Soon, however, she discovers that the ghost isn’t the only horror lurking within the prison’s walls. Horrific experiments are being conducted on prisoners, and Amanda is quickly put to work assisting the barbaric Dr. Bell. How are these experiments tied to the ghostly girl, and what evil force is threatening to throw the entire jail into chaos?

The Haunting of Hardstone Jail – originally published as The Prison– is a horror story about people who were supposed to be forgotten, and about a little girl who’ll go to any lengths in order to gain herrevenge.

If you’re in the mood for something dark, mysterious, a little gory and filled with all kinds of mythical creatures and ghosts, you have to pick up one her books. I promise it won’t disappoint. 

The Vampires of Tor Cliff Asylum

by Amy Cross 

Even vampires lose their minds sometimes. And when they do, there’s only one place to send them. 

Tor Cliff is an asylum for the most insane and dangerous vampires. Run more like a prison than an asylum, and ruled over by doctors who themselves seem crazier than their patients, Tor Cliff is widely regarded as one of the most hellish places in existence. 

Kidnapped and sent to Tor Cliff, Abby Hart soon learns that someone is trying to get to the secret hidden in her mind. Teaming up with the mysterious Madeleine Le Compte, Abby tries to escape, only to discover that something even more dangerous is lurking in the forest beyond the asylum’s walls.

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