Featured – Kiko Ochisan Adventures by Lina Vine

I came across this read on Amazon and couldn’t pass up the chance to start a new series. I’ll be posting my review soon on the blog, but don’t wait for me. You can get #2 in the series for FREE on Kindle Unlimited now. Offer ends tomorrow, can’t hesitate!
Link is below! Happy Reading!
In the Land of the Crane (Kiko Ochisan Adventures, #1)

In the Land of the Crane (Kiko Ochisan Adventures #1)

From a clandestine operation in the Far East to uncovering the secret of a long-dead woman warrior, martial arts expert and spy Kiko Ochisan has her hands full…

After a failed operation and eventual dismissal, Japan’s secret agent Kiko Ochisan withdraws into the mountains of Central Japan to seek recovery and wisdom of her spiritual master. The old man sets out an unusual task for Kiko. The undertaking takes her face to face with danger and leads her to uncover the secret of a long-dead woman warrior, affecting Kiko’s life in an unforeseen way.


Limited Time Only – Free for Kindle Unlimited Members until June 8thScreen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.18.49 AM.png

 The Black Lotus Affair (Kiko Ochisan Adventures, #2)

The Black Lotus Affair (Kiko Ochisan Adventures #2)

A few maimed bodies with strange marks are found on the outskirts of Tokyo. Kiko, a dismissed spy agent, is more concerned with her sword training than catching murderers, but when she learns that one of the victims is her former colleague, she is back in the game. She meets an enigmatic stranger who leads her on… Will he take her to the murderer’s lair? And will Kiko survive?




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